Adrian had always had extraordinary luck -- sometimes good, sometimes bad, and sometimes both kinds so closely intertwined that it had made his brain hurt trying to sort them out.

Back in the mundane world of the little town near the south coast of England, he had been a relatively brainy eighteen-year-old, good at Geography and French, sure to go on to University next year, tall and reasonably handsome, with thick blond hair and dark eyebrows. On the other hand, he had proved himself useless at all the sports played locally, from tennis to soccer, and couldn't swim a stroke to save his life. In company he was awkward and shy, painfully aware of his spots and a lack of any noticeable flesh, fat or gristle, over his gawky frame. With the other young men in his class at school he was withdrawn and ill at case, while privately envious of clearer skin, thicker limbs, the instincts of a good game-player; when young women entered the equation, his feelings were much the same, while he made even greater efforts to sink into the background.

His death had been ludicrously bad luck, even for a dedicated non-swimmer; the pond in the local park was barely three feet deep anywhere, except for that one out-of-the-way crack, protected by rocks and rushes. Anyone could lose control of their bicycle while avoiding a fatter-than-usual pigeon; only Adrian could sail straight into the pond, knocking himself out on the rocks, and jamming himself head-down in that fissure.

Of course, It was no ordinary cleft; that too was Adrian's luck. And the spring had been feeding that very pond with clear, lively water for thousands of years; since the end of the last ice age, in fact. The druids and the area's wise women had known the spring was special, but hadn't realised just how special. Adrian discovered just how singular it was when he awoke in a larger, sunnier pool, entirely clear of floating beer-cans and potato chip wrappers, his head held clear of the water by four naked, giggling women.

it had been winter, dusk; now it was a warm summer's day. instead of the discouraged grass, an old climbing frame, and a non-operational drinking fountain, this new pond was in a forest clearing, fed by a trickling waterfall; a fox had come to drink at the water's edge, and was watching carefully as Adrian splashed, and finally set his feet on the pool's sandy, clean bottom.

"I'm Porcelaina" the blonde said, with a friendly smile.

"I'm Kendra" and "I'm Kiara" the two brunettes said, looking friendlier still.

"And I'm Frederica", the chestnut-haired beauty added. "You look as confused as I was when I came through."

"Came through...?" Adrian shook his head, dislodged some of the water from one ear, and rubbed his scalp. His hair felt longer: the pool's surface was quiet now, and he could make out his reflection. No spots.

"Yes, came through. The old pond In the park -- I drowned in it, many years ago, and turned up here, just like you."

He frowued. "Is that what I've done, drowned? if so, it's a rather underrated career move."

They all chuckled, and began to wade towards the shore. Adrian had just about got used to four gleaming-wet pairs of breasts, but as they walked, the water retreated, revealing more and more perfect skin. Adrian had seen female bottoms before, on television and in person, but never of this quality, or in this number. Kiara turned towards him, presenting an entirely desirable front, with a delicately-haired, dripping... well, yes, 'pussy' would do as a description, he decided. He would certainly like to stroke it...

Adrian remembered that he was naked too, and, despite the traumatic circumstances of his arrival, very obviously showing his appreciation of the naked female bodies revealed to him. He saw that Kiara was smiling, looking at his erection, and hoped that she wouldn't say anything to draw attention to it.

"Look, sisters -- our new companion has something for us!"

Adrian lay back in the sunshine. If his spots hadn't cleared up before, they would now, he told himself, and smiled. Porcelaina, Kendra, Kiara, and Frederica -- they had all been incredible, the most willing, inventive. and generally shameless sex-mates he had ever had, imagined, or dreamed about. And he had partnered them all, satisfied them all, apparently delighted them all. When he had penetrated one, they had all been part of it, kissing and fondling and hugging ... he could feel his penis stir gently with the memories, despite a feeling of satiation and the tiredness brought on by over-exertion down there. They were water-nymphs, either native to this land of faerie or, like Frederica, ex-mortals. Good grief, If they were right, he was a water-nymph, a naiad, too; a male nymph?

The voice was female, breathy, and very inviting. ''Oh, Adrian -- come and join your new sisters in the water, will you...?"

Time in faerie is vague at best, and anyway is not something that nymphs tend to focus their attention on. To see a nymph is to realise that they are built for pleasure, designed for carefree love and affection, and that is how the time passed in and around the naiad's pool. In the absence of travellers, they frolicked together, and the new fifth naiad, Adrian, was the focus of their frolicking now. It was their nature, and now it was Adrian's nature too. Still, it began to seem to him that each of his sisters was having great pleasure with him, but that he was stuffed to the gills with too much...pleasure. His penis strained manfully to do its best every time, but afterwards it was small, and sore, and, well, bruised, abraded, in danger of being worn to the nubbin.

And then a visitor came. This was no ordinary wayfarer, a questing knight from the Queen's table, a forest ranger, a pedlar or merchant or youth out to seek his or her fortune beyond the fields of man. This was a person of height, and of weight, but it was more, it was one of the old spirits that still wander in the true land's more shaded regions. The traveller wore a heavy black cloak, with a hood, so that the face was in shadow even when turned towards the light. The eyes glowed white, now, and where the visitor trod, the grass was pressed flat as a knife, and seared as if by a hard frost. The traveller strode into the clearing, and saw Adrian lying naked in the sun beside the pool, while his sister naiads splashed and gambolled in the water. There was a hissing, rather self-important sigh.
"Good day, Adrian," the traveller said, in a deep, honey-steeped voice that put nearby birds to flight, and made Adrian aware of this new presence. Curiously, the other naiads didn't react, but continued their watery love-play.

"Hello?" Adrian sat up, slightly surprised but not really startled. His fellow nymphs had mentioned visitors; how nice.

"How are you enjoying the life of a water-nymph, after your first month?" The mysterious traveller settled carefully onto the grass beside him, looking towards Adrian's four companions in the water.

"A month? Gosh, It only seems like a couple of days," Adrian said slowly, also locktng at his fellow nymphs. He exhaled slowly. "Or a couple of years."

"Is that good, or bad, Adrian?''

Vaguely, Adrian wondered how the traveller knew his name. But if this was faerie... the thought trailed off. "Well, good -- I suppose."

You don't have to be brave, or -- what would you say -- maccho with me, lad," the traveller said, uprooting a small blue flower, which turned white and then began to wilt. "Four lusty maidens would be too much for any man."

"Oh, sometimes, when they know I'm worn out, they play without me, like now," Adrian said, gesturing to the pool, where Kendra and Porcelaina were kissing eagerly, while Frederica and Kiara aided their arousal lower down with tongues and fingers.

"And you feel left out?"

Adrian scratched his head. "Well ... I suppose 1 do, yes."

"There haven't been any -- guests here since you arrived, have there." It was not a question. "Wary wayfarers, delighted to join the nymphs in their play for a long afternoon." The traveller sighed. "And of course, what nymph could avoid doing her utmost to please a man? It's in her nature ... or, in your case, I should say his nature."

Adrian looked startled. "No offence, but I'm not gay, sir."

"But naiads don't think like that, young fellow. When the next adventurer comes along, man or woman, there will be five water nymphs giggling, undressing him, and wriggling their butts in his direction."

Adrian looked doubtful. And then the scene in the pool wavered; he could see himself with the four girl-nymphs, and a man, taller and older than him, having the last of his clothes removed as he kissed Porcelaina, fondling and squeezing her breasts. Frederica was licking along the underside of the man's stiffening cock and stroking his balls, while Kendra was embracing Adrian, and Kiara was manoeuvering him backwards, aiming his butt towards the visitor's erection...

"No..." Adrian shook his head, looked away, and when he looked back the vision had gone; the four naiads were alone again, laughing and splashing.

"Nobody can un-create a naiad, Adrian", the traveller said smoothly. "In this land, you can he nothing else, due to the way you came here."

The traveller paused, and looked towards Adrian, though the face was still in deepest shadow, unreadable. "Almost every day pleasuring four over-sexed, inventive young women -- and then, once or twice a month, happily offering your body and its orifices to any drifter, nomad or adventurer who happens by. You will come to enjoy it, I am sure."

"Is there any choice?"

The traveller chuckled. "A naiad you are, and will remain, according to the natural law -- but it would be only a small magic to change you from that oddity, a male water-nymph... to a female one."

"Me, as a woman, a beautiful girl-naiad?"

"That is the offer, and one I can make but once, Adrian... or Adriana."

Adrian looked at his fellow nymphs. They were obviously having plenty of fun without a male member in their game. He gave a little grimace at the double meaning, and gently cradled his own male member In one hand. It had grown a little, but it was still red, and over-sensitive, and a little bit bruised. One cock, facing four pussies; and four eager mouths, too. Four against one...

The traveller was waiting, so quiet and motionless that it was almost as if nobody was there.

Four against one... or all five together...

"Adriana", he whispered ... and at once the feelings began. Adrian's waist shrank, his hips grew, and his chest increased in interest, as he stood up, and looked at himse1f, watching his form grow sleeker. He had been a handsome male naiad, but this was being transmuted into the well-developed, sensual beauty of the female line. He just caught sight of his poor over-worked penis disappearing like a piece of oversized pasta being sucked inside ... but the feeling didn't stop when It vanished, leaving a small nub. Inside his belly was a warmth, a damp fullness...

Adriana awoke to find the other naiads bending over her; Kendra was pouting a little, the others smiling.

"Don't tell me -- a strange traveller in a heavy black cloak made you a kindly offer, Adrian... Adriana, rather." Porcelaina put her hands on her hips, and shook her head in mock exasperation.

It seemed a good idea at the time", Adriana said, as Kiara helped her to get to her feet.

"Oh well, It was nice while it lasted," Kendra said. "And we will still have plenty of fun -- we always do."

"I'm sorry if I have let you all down, but all four of you were too much for one mere male."  She didn't mention the scene she had been shown, of Adrian and the male guest; anyway, now her attitude to such an encounter was quite changed, she discovered.

"I can sympathise," Frederica said. There were only three of them here when I came through, and--well, I was called Frederick then."

Adriana hugged her, letting her naiad's emotions take control. "Come on, let's all get back in the water -- I've got some new discoveries to make, some new pleasures to explore, and you four are all going to help me!"