And that is where we ran out of space. This is the comic that always exercises a great deal of restraint, not to mention restraints of every description. Next time you read this issue through, words included, take notice: you will find absolutely no use of the term "stable relationship."   If that isn't worth a Harvey Award for all concerned, I don't know what is!

As you might expect, we had similar fun on the second day, with Sabina again joining me as a "pony", which I do think was nice of her. Generally, I have noticed that she tends to be "on edge" in submissive situations, but she really got into the swing of things. If she had done such work before, I would say she was "glad to be back in harness," as the saying goes!  Perhaps she was still feeling a bit guilty about what went on last issue...she would certainly have had every reason to.

How about Cecilia - or "Cissie," I should say!  She certainly made for an exciting threesome. She was so feminine, I couldn't believe my eyes when she unzipped those briefs and revealed what Sabby called her "big pink thermometer!" Call it my female intuition, but I doubt if we have seen the last of her. Of course, your views on the matter would be welcome, so do send your letters of comment to us, at 'Sez Bez,' c/o Harrier Comics, 33 Chester Road, Northwood, Middlesex, HA6 1BG, England. You will need to use the international air mail postage rate, or your friendly mail service will bounce it straight back to you. All letters are much appreciated, but we can't actually sell you any back issues or anything from this end. For back issues and a huge amount of other uplifting material, contact Eros in Seattle.  With a credit card, you can even order from Eros by telephone, toll free at 1 800-657-1100. Ask for  their free catalog!

Since just about every issue of SABINA is back in print now, it seems a good time to give you a synopsis for each story thus far, so excuse me while I dig out our own set of well-thumbed copies...

SABINA, MISTRESS OF ESCAPES #1:  In which I arrive at Mistress Sabina's house, answering an advertisement for an Escapologist's assistant. After a quick costume fitting, I get the job, and Sabina too, on the black velvet sheets... but when I wake up the following morning, I'm handcuffed! I  help Sabina practice her Escape Artist act, but it's me who ends up helpless and ball-gagged, before a rashly-given promise leads to a spanking, followed by two-girl dildo action leading to a suitable climax!

#2: We start with Sabina's act on stage, which ends up with me spread-eagled in my birthday suit before a wildly applauding audience. For "self-protection", Sabina keeps me naked, collared, ball-gagged and with my arms secured behind me in a ',single glove"... and takes me home like that, even tempting the club's owner, Michelle, to come with us in a similar outfit!  Soon Michelle and I and a double-ended dildo are bound together snugly, which makes walking up the stairs an experience to remember. Later, we manage to turn the tables on Sabina - ball-gag, tight corset, single glove, well-tongued pussy - but by the time morning comes, she is free and we aren't. Michelle gets a borrowed dress and a taxi home, but I end up helpless across a vaulting horse, the butt of another spanking.

#3:  Our first attempt at a video movie, with me in the Sweet Gwendoline role with a lacing bar and a tight corset, plus chain accessories, and Fiona as the French Maid, called Fifi. (What else?) Sabina's in charge, of course, with Michelle as her kinky aunt - and the camerawork is by the denim-clad Georgina.  Soon Sabina is hard at work on my helpless young body, while Michelle trusses up Fifi in the approved manner. Even Georgina isn't safe when things hot up, and after a frantic five-way free-for-all, I think I can safely say that there isn't a dry pussy in the house!

#4:  Well, I get my pussy shaved, a tight corset, chained to the wall, collared and ballgagged - and that's before lunch. After a hurried meal, it's upstairs for a work-out on the double bed... that is, until Mistress Hilary comes in! Now it is Sabina who is the helpless, trussed and triple-plugged slave, while Hilary and I get... acquainted.  As Sabiria's escapology trainer, Hilary is one dominant lady - but not with me!  A little sweet-talking, and I've introducing her to the single glove, the ball-gag, and the deep-thrusting tongue, so that by the time Sabina has freed herself, Hilary is in a much more amenable mood...

#5:  Sabina The Movie, or "Four Spankings and a Ball Gag" to the non-mathematicians among us. I play Elizabeth "Bez" Smythe-Parker, with "George" as Georgina Bently-Talbot. These two bad girls are hired to be tour guides at Castle Perivale - but Lady Sabina has different plans for them. Soon the two naked slave-girls are chained in the dungeons, before Fifi the maid and Michelle as "Miss Binder," the chatelaine, get them nicely strapped up. Strange posture devices, canings, hot times in the shower room... Bez starts to fit in rather well, even if Georgina still has a bit of an attitude problem.

#6:  The second half of our movie.  Bez is still in straps and plugs, but Georgina has been promoted to maid, and takes charge of her training, soon losing any scruples about girl/girl lovemaking, much to Bez's secret satisfaction. Quite a match-maker, Lady Sabina: as Georgina plugs, paddles and punishes Bez, just who is training whom?  By the end of the long, hot summer, their relationship has reached a whole new level... and (the movie's) Bez couldn't be happier in her chains!

#7:  Sabina and I are practicing our escapology act on stage late one night, when a rival escapologist crashes the scene and abducts Sabina for a special challenge!  Needless to say, his strait-jacket and dungeon can't hold her for long, so she comes home with a trophy - Mr. Greywulf's lovely assistant, Allegra. I had been worried, not knowing that Greywulf and Sabina had these "challenges" - but once Sabina "introduces me properly" to Allegra, my objections are silenced... in Sabiria's traditional manner, that is. So, once again an issue reaches its climax just about the same time as all its participants do.

#8:  All young girls like ponies, Sabina says, so she very kindly takes me to a riding school run by a friend of hers. If you are reading this text page before you read the actual story .. Well, you are a strange person. My kind of strange person, but still... strange.  Anyway, I hardly need to go into details about this issue's plot. If you know any 'Star Trek' completists out there, why not show them our kinky quotations a few pages back? Engage!

Anyway, our time is just about up. Let me finish by reminding you that
is out now, and is well worth your attention, in my humble opinion. Instead of this sort of text page- cum-letters column, every issue of SCHOOL ends with a text continuation of the main story, which I think is quite a clever idea. If you avoid text bits, fair enough, the story is complete - but if you do read it you get something extra, including a closer look inside the heads of Morocco and Angela than the occasional caption or word balloon allow. It may not be great writing, but it's more use than the average house ad you have already seen quite a number of times. A free bonus - what could be nicer?

Until we meet again, be good to yourselves - and don't do anything that I wouldn't do!
Your friend,


Well, that rounded out the final issue of our initial run quite nicely - the original text page, by Your Truly.  Can I risk boring you by mentionig that the Optical Character Resolution system I used to scan the page into the computer thought that "Harrier Comics" was actually "Harder Comics"...?  Okay, forget I mentioned it, then...