Well, that is how the story ended. And remember, it was only a story; after the success of SABINA #3, which featured us making a video movie, we increased our budget, hired an old English castle to use as our location, and made "Sabina the Movie", or "Four Spankings and a Ball Gag", if you lose count easily. This spectacular blockbuster began last time in SABINA #5, and you have just finished reading the toe-tingling second half here, I trust!

So, once again I had better emphasize that we were only acting, and a small amount of camera trickery was involved. You certainly can't trust my narration when it comes to harshness or duration - and for the start of page 11, for example, I had a certain amount of rouge applied where needed. Neither Georgina nor I have silly double-barrelled surnames, Sabina is not a castle-owning member of the British Aristocracy, and I have no intention of running off with anyone.

Anyway, I think we all had fun over the two days it took to film our story - and that includes the people you don't see in front of the camera, like our two camera operatives, the sound expert, and the castle's real owners. I have been trying to persuade our writer to do an upcoming issue of SABINA as a "making of the movie" special. If you agree, well this is our letters page, so write to us here, and we'll hear:

That is our creative address; for back issues and that sort of enquiry, you need to write to Eros Control in Seattle. Hey, here in Merrie Olde England we don't have any back issues, because the Customs people won't let rude adult comics like this into the country. We can make 'em, but we're not allowed to read 'em!

We were too engrossed in our thespian endeavors to remember the creative credits this time, so let me remind you that while this comic is narrated by me, Bez, at a more mundane level it was, as usual, written by Martin Lock, pencilled and lettered by Paul Noughton, and inked by beautiful Bob Woods, under the benevolent editorial gazes (albeit a good few miles distant) of Carol Gnojewski and Ezra Mark.

Before you dig out your copy of SABINA #5 in order to read the whole tale in one go, I had better move on to a few other items. First of all, SCHOOL FOR SUBMISSION #2, which I described in loving detail last time, was published about a month ago; two further issues are planned, but the artist has other commitments as well, so we can't say for sure when #3 will be out yet. Let me just say that if you like what we get up to in SABINA, particularly the sort of things we are playing at in this movie, then you are sure to find SCHOOL FOR SUBMISSION a truly, deeply uplifting experience (if you know what I mean). Hey, that Morocco is my kind of girl...

And no, you can't buy a video of "Sabina the Movie" - aren't these different levels of reality a hummer? The only thing I can suggest is buying a few extra copies of these SABINA issues, and sending them to some of your favourite adult movie stars and suchlike. If you get a response, be sure to send us a copy!

I think Sabina has been having a serious talk with our writer, since our next issue features her in solo action... is that what they call escapist literature? A challenge is involved, and a straitjacket... but don't worry, I am fully involved in the "all girls together" conclusion. I have not seen any of Paul's artwork for it yet, but hasn't he been doing some stunning work here lately? Browse back a few pages if you don't believe me. Why, that splash page alone is worth the price of admission, I reckon!  And Bob's crisp, sparkling inks add their usual magic, too.

We got a copy of the latest Fantagraphics catalog recently, so I can give you the up-to-date ordering details for Eros stuff. If you have a MasterCard or Visa, you can order by phone at 1-800657-1100 or fax your order to 206-524-2104; or, if you'd rather use a cheque or money order, write to Fantagraphics Books, 7563 Lake City Way N.E., Seattle, WA, 98115. Postage in the continental United States is $4 on orders under $40, 10% on orders above that to a maximum of $8 on orders of $80 or more (Alaska and Hawaii 50% more); or, if you require rush delivery in 4-5 days, it's $10 on orders under $40, 25% above that up to a maximum of $20 (including Alaska and Hawaii). Just ask for the Eros or Fantagraphics comics or graphic novels you want, at cover price. Proving what nice people Gary and Kim are, if you spend more than $35 they'll throw in a free bonus comic ($2.95 or under) - or two free comics on orders of $65 or more, and three on $95 or more (not including shipping). The range of freebies isn't huge, but it does include THE BLONDE: BONDAGE PALACE, BETTY BY THE HOUR, and OMAHA, as well as some non-X rated Fantagraphics titles. If 1 were ordering from the catalogue, I would go for the YOUNG WITCHES graphic album ($12.95), 2 HOT GIRLS ON A HOT SUMMER NIGHT ($10.95), IRONWOOD BOOK ONE ($14.95), LIZ & BETH BOOK ONE ($11.95) and BOOK TWO ($12.95), plus the XXXENOPHILE BIG BOOK 0' FUN ($14.95), and earn myself three of those free comics... Plus a spanking from Sabina when the item came up on her credit card statement, I guess!  Be sure to look for us in their Eros Comix catalogue, which shows the whole wide spectrum of naughty things we get up to - and more!  And both the Eros and Fantagraphics catalogues are free!

BEZ'S LOG: SUPPLEMENTAL - Just as we were about to send a final copy of this text page to Seattle Control, we got a letter, so let's drop everything and hear from Mr. Donald Lawson of Nashua, New Hampshire:

Hi Bez! Love the new shaved look on the shrimp! I am waiting with bated breath for that new comic BEZIQUE. When? When? Sabiria's okay but I sure like that little minx!  But something is wrong here - twice you say the letters page will be called "Sez Bez", but at the top of the page it says "Bez Sez". What goes on?  Or should I say what comes off, here?

It seems I am sending a lot of mail to England lately. I have a mate in Manchester who is a bobby (cop) (that is the right spelling, isn't it?) and now I am sending a letter to an assistant escapologist! And the postage across the pond is going up July lst.

Hey, not only is Sabina the Mistress of Escapes, but she is also the Mistress of Quick Change. When you and Hilary tie her up she is in the corset and barefoot, but when she gets free, boots, and no corset in sight.

Well, as it is 4:56 in the morning, I think I will close for now. You sure have the right address - Middlesex!

Hi, Don - thanks very much for writing, your letter made my day, though I dread to think what will happen when Crabby Sabby reads it!  Yes, "Middlesex" is a great name for a county, even if it just means that the middle tribe of Saxons used to live here a thousand or so years back. "Essex" and "Sussex" are quite near, as well... maybe "Sussex" sounds best of all?

To be suitably boring about it, policemen are indeed called "bobbies", after their founder, -Sir Robert (probably not "Bobby" to his face) Peel; go back a hundred years and you'll find them called "peelers" too. The police, as opposed to an individual copper (or cop), are also known as "The Old Bill" or "The Bill", which is the name of one of our top-rated regular drama series.

Mistress of Escapes, Mistress of Quick Changes - yep, Sabina is multi-talented!  I would have been greatly surprised if she hadn't taken the chance to remove her corset, as well as the ropes and her gag, but it was really clever of her to find and put on those rather fetching boots. Actually, Hilary and I were so busy having fun that she probably sneaked off, blanket and all, had a cup of tea and a lightly-buttered scone, chose the boots from her extensive wardrobe, and sneaked back without us noticing. So, no no-prize, or Baldy, or whatever the Eros equivalent might be (and, let me tell you, my mind is boggling - has anyone any suggestions for a suitable name?); anyway, times are tough - in the nifty nineties you don't just have to find possible errors, you have to explain why they are actually perfectly ok - right, Carol?

Well, I say this page is called "Sez Bez"; who are you going to believe, me or some anonymous (but deeply kind and wonderful) typesetter? As for a solo comic for Yours Truly, thank you for your support, but our writer still thinks it's a name some prospective purchasers would have difficulty saying in a way a vendor would understand; since a lot of places keep stuff like this behind the counter so that you do have to "ask for it by name", this is more of a problem than it would be for a code-approved comic.

But it's a fair bet that you will see plenty of me next time; maybe I even get shaved again, who knows? When I ask her what we will be doing, Boss Lady goes all mysterious, grins, and only wants to talk about a trip to some pony club she wants to go on. Strange, as I've never thought of Sabina as being the horsey type...

Oh, by the way, I gather that the art on SCHOOL FOR SUBMISSION #3 has been finished. It may not be in print yet, but it will be worth waiting for. If you've not seen #1 or #2 yet, take my advice and seek them out!

Your Friend,

...And that was the text page in the comic.  Little did I know what that "pony club"  was all about...until the events related in Sabina #8, that is!