Don't you just love a happy ending? Well, actually, the second half of the story'll be along next time, as you've probably guessed. We don't always remember to print the full creator credits, so let me say that all issues of SABINA are written by Martin Lock (who also acts as the unofficial packager and junior editor), pencilled and lettered by Paul Noughton, and inked by Bob Woods. And the letters page which we started in Sabina #4, is conducted by me, Bez!

In case you haven't tracked down a copy of Sabina #4, I'd better stress that in issues 5 & 6, we're acting, making a movie. The five of us tried acting before with Sabina #3, so now we're more ambitious, with a real castle for the location, and some off-camera assistance... and this time we're playing it straight, staying in character throughout.

This means that Sabina really isn't a member of the aristocracy with her own castle, and Georgina and I don't have silly double-barrelled surnames. I like George, particularly since we loosened her up in #3, but I wouldn't say I lust after her. Those incriminating photographs on page 5 are fakes- neither of us has any wish to get involved with the "escort" business (however lucrative it may be), and we don't do drugs.

Personally, I'm afraid of drugs. It took me years as a youngster to overcome my mistrust of tea, coffee, and cola, and I'm certainly not about to start sniffing white powders up my nose, or popping cute little pills with silly names. I have my own indulgences, as you may have noticed, but anything stronger than a glass of wine with a meal is not for me.

So, my narration in this issue is acting, for the sake of a good story (or "lying", as we call it.). The pictures are real, of course, but harshness and duration have been exaggerated, okay?

Still, it has been great fun to do.  As I write this, we haven't quite finished the second half of this video blockbuster, but I'm definitely the star, with able support from George. Michelle gets her turn in the spotlight too, and there's even a quick view or two of Sabina. Hey, it's her name on the cover, what else could she want?

But the next item on my checklist is a big plug for a new Eros title - and when we say "big plug", you know what we're talking about, eh?  If you like the all-girl sex 'n' bondage action we bring here, then you'll get the same warm feeling for SCHOOL FOR SUBMISSION! I've read photocopies of the first issue, and I loved it!  We showed it to our local Eros Comix stocklist (and regular COMICS JOURNAL correspondent) Adrian Shelley, and he loved it too, and promised to order lots of copies. Martin Lock wrote it, new artist John Gallagher drew it, and boy did they do a good job (particularly John)! You can smell the leather, hear those chains clinking... am I getting carried away? Trust me on this one, it carries our usual "money back guarantee": we'll cheerfully refund your money if we aren't totally delighted with it! (I hope the typesetter gets that right, or it could be expensive... )

SCHOOL FOR SUBMISSION takes the subject rather more seriously than we do here. For reasons not yet explained, our heroine, Morocco, wants to become a modem-day love-slave, and has enrolled at the School for the appropriate training. Once she has been properly trained, the School will find her a suitable mistress, and sell Morocco too - well, a place like that has heavy overheads, right?  Morocco is soon kitted out in the sorts of straps and chains that frame rather than cover the good bits, and, in the hands of her personal trainer, Angela, proves to be an eager pupil. The other girls in her dormitory do their best to help the new girl to settle in... particularly the one whose technique with a dildo reminds the others of a scout lighting a fire by rubbing two sticks together!  From the first issue, it seems like an all-girl, affectionate "Story of 0"; I gather that it is planned to be a four-issue limited series. Personally, I would like Angela to be able to buy Morocco herself, but I doubt that she could afford to.  In a stunning plot twist, it is Angela who is the blonde, and Morocco the brunette. Maybe we could do a movie, with Sabina as Morocco and me as Angela? No, it would be impossible to keep Sabby in chains long enough! I'm looking forward to finding out what happens next. If you like us at our kinkiest, then I strongly suggest you buy SCHOOL FOR SUBMISSION. It's "bound to please", as they say!

And aren't we getting kinky here, this time?  Things get even hotter in SABINA #6, though. I can't describe a couple of bits of apparatus that I get strapped to... not without detailed diagrams and a cold shower, I can't! They call one of them a "posture device", the sadists... I'm just glad I didn't have to be on it for the full two hours the script says my character would've worn it, if you know what I mean. Golly, aren't these different levels of reality confusing?

Since I'm writing this before SABINA #4 is printed, we're without any 100% genuine letters of comment, but don't let that stop you from writing to me. As I said last time, while orders for back issues and the such should go to Eros in Seattle, this is our address for correspondence: "Bez Sez", c/o Harrier Comics, 33, Chester Road, Northwood, Middlesex, HA6 1BG, England.

As that's abroad, you'll need to send your letter by air mail, at some arcane overseas air mail rate. with an air mail stamp or sticker on it. Consult your local post office. And no, we don't have any T-shirts, prints, or used underwear for sale. You probably won't get a reply from us unless you enclose an intemational reply coupon, or a dollar bill or something, and even then it will probably be from Martin, so why bother?  Actually, having T-shirts would be rather nice, but, again, Eros Control would be the people to lobby for that. Separate shirts starring me and Sabina, so we could see who sells most!

Oh dear. She's just come in to see if I've finished yet, and I think she saw that last bit. Ooh, that sultry smile of hers froze for a moment! And now she's gone off to "prepare something"...

I don't think she's talking about lunch, so I'd better sign off now while I still can!

Your friend,

That was the text page that was printed in Sabina #5, when we were all young and innocent, right...?