As with the first two issues, this cover doesn't have anything to do with the story inside - they are just some fun "publicity shots" that Paul drew for us.  This one is entitled "The end of year school concert was always well attended by the students" - or maybe not, I just made that up...

Inside, however, we have an unusual situation - I ought perhaps to issue a "spoiler warning", if you want to be surprised after the first five pages.  Okay?  Well, we are in fact making a movie here, a low- budget straight-to-video thing of course, and it seems rather influenced by John Willie's "Sweet Gwendoline" to me.  I'm dressed in shoes, stockings, and gloves - where are my other things?  Then Fifi the French Maid comes in with a tight corset for me to wear - I put up a brief struggle, but I'm soon helpless, and corsetted.  And events roll on from there, in ways which I hope the Old Master would have approved of... though the goings-on, and comings-off, are rather more graphic than was allowed in his day!  There are further shocks and surprises, about which I am sworn to secrecy, but the general idea of movie-making was so much fun that we returned to it for a two-part adventure (keeping totally in character, unlike here where you do see "behind the scenes") in issues five and six.

And that's all there is to say, really.  With Sabina #4, we started to include a text/letters page, and these are reprinted on the appropriate pages ahead.  So have fun, and I'll see you later!

Your friend,