All modern bondage comics owe a lot to John Willie - while there had been bondage comics before he started work, they have little of the charm, polish, invention, and humour that he brought to the genre.  Here at Sabina, Mistress of Escapes we owe more than most - mainly because the author was able to buy a copy of The Adventures of Sweet Gwendoline, collecting all his main serials, at a tender and impressionable age!

The three outside links below tell most of the story, so I won't go into it here - and the cover reproduction for the relatively recent second edition of the book should take you to the Bud Plant site, where you can check to see if he still has it.  Otherwise, Amazon is a good bet.  I do highly recommend the collection - particularly when it gets as kinky as in the two pictures to the right!

Anyway, our comic owes a big debt to this pioneer - someone with a 21st century attitude to the wilder fringes of sex, born way too early.  He published a trail-blazing magazine, drew ravishing bondage and pony girl serials, was a skilled photographer who must have been very persuasive with the models he used... and appears to have been a generous, kind gentleman.  We've tipped our metaphorical hat to him a number of times with quotations from his work - so if you like our comic, you owe it to yourself to investigate...
John Alexander Scott Coutts: 1902-1962